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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Thu Jul 19, 2012 10:44 am

Hey there!
Welcome to the forum! I'm the admin, Corgz, and here you'll find all of the rules that you MUST follow or you could be punished!



These are all of the rules you ahve to follow to continue to use the forum. Don't try us on these; it won't end well for you.

1. Posting of anything that is racist, sexist, homophobic, or offensive to an
individual or anything pertaining to their life will not be tolerated. It will
result in an official warning and then a repeated offense will result in a ban.

2. No bullying or ganging up on people, whether it be in a forum discussion or
in the chat rooms. As above, it will not be tolerated.

3. If you have a problem with someone either keep it to yourself or let them
know in a direct and civil manner. Don't go about bad mouthing users to other
users. Move on. If someone has a problem with you, accept they have a problem
with you, maybe understand what the problem is, and if you can't find a
solution, move on. We're not going to force you to like each other, just stay
out of each others' business and let things be.

4. No Spam. Spam is not tolerated in ANY circumstance. Spam includes posting over and over again in a short amount of time, not making any sense or simply annoying someone. Also, one worded posts are usually frowned upon and taken as spam. The 'Forum Games' section is an exception to this in most cases.

5. Make sure you post things in the correct forum. If you realize that
you've accidentally put something in the wrong area, PM a mod to move it
for you. If you are new, don't worry about it, we let it slide, but if
you keep posting things in the wrong area you'll get a warning. We have
sections for a reason- Let's keep things organized! If you are unsure abotu where it goes, simply put it into the 'Limbo' forum and a mod will move it for you!

6. There will be no behavior that can be classified under that of a
"troll." A troll is one who consistently (the following may include, but
do not have to, and are not limited to:) uses improper spelling and/or
grammar, insults or degrades other members, uses vulgar or inappropriate
language, spams on a repeated basis despite prior warnings, posts huge
spoilers without a warning or spoiler tag, harasses other members, and
does not follow the advice of mods and those outlined in the forum rules
on a regular basis. Trolling will first be addressed with an official

Note that posts of opinions you disagree with does not automatically equate with trolling. Disagreements are expected, as long as they are done in a civil manner. Make your case without the invective, if you want to avoid banishment as a Troll. If a disagreement does get out of hand, as said in number three, please try and take the conflict to another form of communication, rather than the public chat where people can read it.

7. No double accounts! You should never need a duplicate account, for all your posts, friends, etc. are on your first account/know you by that. However, because duplicate accounts have been made in the past, we cannot punish you for those because those were created when there was no rule on it. They will be banned, though, of course. There are several exceptions, of course. If a crisis emerges, or if you feel as though you are being bullied and want to start anew, PM a global first, so we can ban your first account and you may make your duplicate your new 'sole' account.

8. Please keep everything you post in the forums/on chat ***PG-13***. If you are posting something that is over that rating, please put it in spoilers with a warning that it's mature, and try not to do this unless you need to. Pornography and the like is against the TOS, which is generally not something you want to break.

So don't break it.

9. Don't post things if other people are uncomfortable with them. Obviously this is a really broad category, but generally if you're posting anything, and anyone asks you to stop, you need to stop.

10. Sexually graphic images and posts, and violent images such as bloody corpses. Very strictly forbidden. Obscene imagery and content in the forums should be reported to any mods online. Please provide a link to the topic, but do not quote it while explaining its illegality. Then we have to find and delete your posts too. If you post this sort of content in Chat, that's also not cool, and it'll mean that the relevent post will be deleted, and depending on severity, you may be temporarily barred from chat, and a warning may result. As always, repeated infringement can result in a ban.

PS. Thanks to who I stole these rules off of >.> <.<
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Forum Rules
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